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'97 Mazda Miata
(Items in gray are not installed yet.)

  1. Purchased car with Jackson Racing intake, JR header, JR cat-back.

  2. Added JR hollow front and rear anti-roll, but went back to the stock rear...way too much over-steer.

  3. Racing Beat anti-sway front and rear end links.

  4. Racing Beat front anti-sway chassis brace.

  5. Fixed sloppy shifter by polishing the surfaces, replacing all of the plastic components, fluids, and rubber boots in the shifter tower.  It's like butter, baby!

  6. Purchased a hard top, with side clips, rear defrost, and head liner.  But, it's a slightly lighter red than the rest of the car.

  7. Bethania Ace dual bar with harness bar.  Fits with larger, glass in aftermarket soft top.

  8. UltraShield 16° RallySport seats.

  9. UltraShield 6-point harnesses with latch padding and sternum strap.

  10. 949 RACING 8x15 6UL wheels and aluminum lug nuts.

  11. Hankook 225/45-15 R-S3 tires.  Now trying Nitto NT-01 tires.  11 Feb 2012 - Absolutely love the grip of the NT-01.  Added Megan EZ Street Coil-Overs (8/6mm/kg) at the same time, so probably a combination result.

  12. Added hood lift strut.  I just prefer to not have a prop rod.

  13. Added front radiator screen, modified to fit around baby's teeth.  It stops the bigger stuff from getting through.

  14. Added front air dam.  I don't know if it works, but I like it.

  15. VW Corrado Front Rotors - 1" larger than stock, uses stock calipers.  Combined with the Carbotech XP8 pads, the improvement in stopping performance is shocking.

  16. Painted calipers - had the paint on the shelf for about 10 years.  Much better braking now, lol.

  17. Stainless brake lines - you can feel the difference in the solid pressure on the peddle.

  18. Carbotech XP8 front pad, stock rear pads.  Fantastic.

  19. Wilwood proportioning valve adds more braking to rear wheels.  Made a custom bracket to hold it in place.  Dramatically reduces nose dive under heavy braking and allows rears to provide stopping effort.  Highly recommended, even for your street car.

  20. At Super Blue brake fluid, so I can switch between the blue and the 200 (yellow) and see when bleeding is complete.

  21. Built an LED third brake light insert with a decaying blink circuit.  LED bulbs light more quickly (~ 0.2 seconds) and I feel that the blink circuit aids in driver-awareness.

  22. Flyin'Miata oil filter relocation kit.

  23. HG250B (black) 2.5 Lb. Halon fire extinguisher. (in stock)

  24. Accusump - 2 quart with electric valve. (yet to purchase)

  25. Flyin'Miata butterfly brace.  Without question, felt the more rigid chassis in the first 30-seconds of driving.

  26. Megan EZ Streets with 8/6 mm/kg 62mm ID coils, 15-way adjustable damping. Excellent. Will probably go to higher rates (10/8).

  27. KoyoRad V1139 36mm 2-row Aluminum radiator purchased from for $275 delivered (Feb, 2012).