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I'm Scott Madans and I got hooked on G-force in 1968 with my first go-kart.  It was wicked-fast for a 12-year old...probably close to 35 MPH.  At the age of 16, I became a busboy at Bundy's Restaurant in Denver and bought my first motorcycle...a 1972 Yamaha 100 Enduro.  For the next seven years, I didn't own a "reasonable" car...just 5 more bikes, which I raced in TT, enduros, and motorcross style.  Those were some cold and slippery winters!

In the late 70's, a family brought the need to become responsible, so my G-force obsession was put on hold until turning 30, at which time I passed the test for a pilot's license at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro (which is now a race course).  A pilot's license was something I could use in my business and it was my preferred mode of transportation for ski trips to Mammoth from Orange County, California.

My job was bringing me to Reno and, upon moving in '99, I got involved with a car club ('94-'96 Impala SS) that participated in track days.  That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  I started instructing after my second track day.  Over the following years, the 4,250# Impala made almost 2,000 laps at Reno-Fernley Raceway and many hundreds at Thunderhill and Buttonwillow.

Now my track car is the one know for delivering the best bang-for-the-buck...the Mazda Miata.  And, I have to agree.  It's a 1997 (NA model with a 1.8L V4 rated at 129 crank HP).  I purchased it in November of 2010 and have completed a number of suspension and handling mods.  The Miata is an excellent track car.  Aside from its handling characteristics, it's inexpensive to operate.  There are many affordable upgrades available (including turbos and superchargers), and the track community has embraced this car so much that there are multiple dedicated race series.

I enjoy coaching racers and track day enthusiasts.  It's a little self-serving, but coaching is one of the best ways to learn...and get tons of free track time.  Coaching also provides exposure to the strengths and weaknesses of various track vehicles; I've been in hundreds.  It would be my pleasure to help you improve your lap times.  I am available to travel anywhere and, if I can't show you how to reduce your lap times, I won't charge for my time, only expenses.

This is the first rework of our site and we know there's lots of room for improvement.  However, we are not web designers.  We want the site to provide good content and be easy to navigate.  And, we would rather spend the money on go-fast parts than on HTML, FLASH, CSS, and PHP.


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