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P1Coaching.com is pleased to offer only products we have used and tested.  Our comments are based on first-hand experience.  Our current test bed is a street-legal 1997 Mazda Miata.

These products will help you dramatically improve as a driver or coach:

Racelogic Video VBOX Lite 2-Camera System (more info):

The video and data overlay combined with "Circuit Tools", the amazing and easy-to-use data analysis software, really tells the full story.  It's a snap to compare two different drivers, in completely different cars, or the same driver, to previous laps or sessions.  Is the driver being smooth?  Using the tires?  In fast, out slow?  Throwing it into the corner, or turning in too early?  Getting to the throttle soon enough?  Do you need timing on an open road course with a different start/finish line, as opposed to a closed-loop course?  This tool will knock seconds off lap times for an average driver, and help find tenths for a pro.  View the videos and determine for yourself how much better the VBOX is compared to ChaseCam, 

Racelogic Video VBOX - Link to Racelogic Page
    Racelogic Circuit Tools Software - Link to Racelogic Page


ChatterBox! intercom system (more info):

Up to a 5-mile range on wireless systems.  Affordable in-car intercom setup.  The ChatterBox! line of wired and wireless intercom systems are a tremendous benefit to both driver and instructor/coach.  Most obviously, an intercom reduces fatigue and dramatically improves communications.  Have you ever misunderstood your student, or the your instructor?  Has the misunderstanding resulted in a challenging situation?  Here's the tool you need to all but eliminate communication issues in a loud environment.

ChatterBox! System Images


"I rely on the Video VBOX Lite 2-Camera system and ChatterBox CB-50 for high performance driver training and I recommend the equipment without reservation.  The Video VBOX is simply brilliant.  The free Circuit Tools analysis software provide insights that help drivers discover the subtle nuances that improve lap times and develop smoothness and finesse.  The ChatterBox is an invaluable and very affordable tool for coach-to-driver communications.  Using the ChatterBox improves the timing, the clarity, and the accuracy of communications, which is so critical to learning.  Both the coach and driver experience less fatigue, can talk at normal volumes, and still have a voice at the end of the day."

-- Scott Madans, P1Coaching (eMail)




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